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What shouldn't change during the change of life? The woman in you.
What shouldn't change during the change of life? The woman in you.


How Phytoestrogens Help Naturally.

Nature has discovered a gentle contribution to the treatment of menopausal symptoms: phytoestrogens.

These vital substances promote human metabolism in a broad and positive manner. They are won directly from the seed of the pomegranate and are very similar to the hormone estrogen produced by the human body.

The advantage of phytoestrogens from the pomegranate is evident: they don’t ‘fool’ the hypophysis and also don’t infiltrate the control cycle. They do, however, relieve the traditional symptoms during this time and in the time following menopause.  

The seeds of the pomegranate are particularly rich in phytoestrogens. The exact content in plants and foods depends on processing and the ripeness. delima products contain only premium quality pomegranate seed oil. The fruits are gently harvested and the seeds subsequently cold-pressed. The yield is thereby a scant 1 kg of this exceptional oil from 500 kg of pomegranates.


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