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Is there any reason why vaginal dryness shouldn't be a taboo subject? Yes – because of love
Is there any reason why vaginal dryness shouldn't be a taboo subject? Yes – because of love


Questions and Answers.

We have compiled some questions and answers here. If your question is not included below, please send it to us per e-mail at info@pekana.com.

Who specifically suffers from vaginal dryness?
  • > women during menopause
  • > women who have had surgical procedures
  • > women who have had cancer
  • > some women, irrelevant of age or state of health, generally have extreme vaginal dryness
Why is delima feminin produced in suppository form?
The vaginal suppositories enable women the discrete and independent use against vaginal dryness. With the vaginal suppository, the problem of insufficient vaginal moisture can be encountered directly at the “place of action”, and not only limited to the labia.
Why are delima feminin vaginal suppositories oil-based?
The natural composition of plant oils, particularly the pomegranate, leads to a pleasant lubricating effect, which is quite similar to that of the body’s own.
What effect does the use of delima feminin vaginal suppositories have?
Lubrication of the vagina is improved in order to prevent pain during sexual intercourse. The moist environment promotes a healthy defense and stable vaginal mucous membrane. Pathogens like fungi or bacteria have no easy access.
When and how often can I use delima feminin suppositories?
  • > when required, about fifteen minutes directly before sexual intercourse
  • > for continued vaginal dryness, like a treatment every evening before going to sleep, over a period of two to three weeks
  • > as a prophylactic measure to prevent vaginal dryness, 2 x weekly before going to sleep
How do I use delima feminin vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness?
The vaginal suppository is small and is introduced into the vagina similar to a tampon. The vaginal suppository dissolves within a few minutes and achieves its soothing effect entirely unnoticed.
When shouldn't I use delima feminin suppositories against vaginal dryness?
  • > in the event of pain, redness, rawness, or injury to the Vulval vestibule and the labia
  • > during pregnancy without the approval of a physician
  • >if sensitivity against one of the ingredients exists
Does the use of delima feminin vaginal suppositories influence the effectivity of condoms?
Since no findings on the material compatibility with condoms are available, you should refrain from using the vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness if you are reliant on the protection of condoms.
Do delima feminin vaginal suppositories provide contraceptive protection?
delima feminin is not a contraceptive and provides absolutely no contraceptive protection. delima feminin vaginal suppositories do not offer protection against communicable diseases.
Do delima feminin vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness contain animal ingredients?
delima feminin vaginal suppositories only contain plant substances and natural fats without any additives.
Are delima feminin vaginal suppositories exclusively suitable for vaginal lubrication during sexual intercourse?
In principle, no; the use of this composition of premium plant oils can be recommended for all women whose vaginal membranes are sensitive or who suffer from vaginal dryness. Soothing moisture in the vaginal area maintains continuous well-being and enhances the quality of life.
Do delima feminin vaginal suppositories contain preservatives, scents, and other irritants?
No. The vaginal suppositories are a composition of natural plant substances without the addition of preservatives, scents, or other irritants.
Is there anything else that I need to consider during the use of delima feminin vaginal suppositories?
We recommend storing delima feminin vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness in a cool, dry place.


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