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Is there any reason why vaginal dryness shouldn't be a taboo subject?  Yes – because of love
Is there any reason why vaginal dryness shouldn't be a taboo subject? Yes – because of love


Helping Women Naturally.

As producer of naturopathic-spagyric remedies, PEKANA also offers numerous seminars for therapists. Particularly in seminars on the subject of menopause, female therapists repeatedly ask about a natural alternative for the relief of vaginal dryness.

Katharina Beyersdorff, Managing Director of the PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH, therefore searched for a raw material that would balance the deficiencies indicated by the women.

Requirements of a product for the relief of vaginal dryness
In order to meet the requirements of women, the product development had to comply with the following principles:

  • > the product should be oil-based, in order to have a naturally lubrication effect
  • > the applied raw materials should be unscented and contain no preservatives
  • > the application should not be limited to the labia, but be applied at the “place of action” while being exceedingly discrete at the same time

The natural solution for vaginal dryness
The vast experience in the production of remedies led over the signature theory to one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the civilization of man: the pomegranate. As a plant that is rich in seeds, the pomegranate is lunar and assigned to Luna, the goddess of growth and fertility.  Additionally, the cross-section of the fruit provides us with an image of an ovary with maturing egg cells. From the ripe fruit of the pomegranate, it is necessary to process around 500 kg in order to produce 1 kg of the premium quality oil – the prime ingredient of delima feminine vaginal suppositories.  

Administered in suppository form, women can use delima feminin vaginal suppositories discretely and independently. The effect is not only limited to the labia, but also reaches deep within. There, the natural oils can unfold their pleasant lubricating effect, which is made to closely resemble the body’s own.


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