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Is there any reason why vaginal dryness shouldn't be a taboo subject?  Yes – because of love
Is there any reason why vaginal dryness shouldn't be a taboo subject? Yes – because of love


delima feminin Vaginal Suppositories.

delima feminin vaginal suppositories promote a pleasant lubricating effect in the vaginal area with a composition of plant oils, particularly of the pomegranate. This even enables women in menopause to enjoy pleasurable and carefree moments of intimacy and thereby to retain the feeling of being a full-fledged woman.

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For vaginal dryness, insert one vaginal suppository into the vagina and wait about 5 minutes until the suppository starts to dissolve. The premium plant oils in the suppository replace the moisture deficiency with their lubricating effect during the next half hour. In the event of seepage, excess oil can be removed with a tissue.

Hard fat, grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera seed oil), pomegranate seed oil (Punica granatum seed oil), natural vitamin E (tocopherol).

Use of delima feminin should only follow consultation by a physician in the case of pain, redness, rawness, or injury to the Vulval vestibule. You should also consult your physician if you suffer from fundamentally too little vaginal moisture to determine the cause. Women who are pregnant should ask their doctor before using delima feminine vaginal suppositories to relieve vaginal dryness.

Side effects:
In connection with the use of delima feminin vaginal suppositories, the possibility theoretically exists that – as is the case with all compounds that one uses – an allergic reaction against one of the ingredients occurs. In this case or in the case of a known allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients, the use of delima feminine vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness should be discontinued. Should you, contrary to our expectations,  experience side effects not listed here, please report these to our hotline under telephone number +49-7563-91160 or via e-mail at info@pekana.com.

Interaction with other substances:
No research exists for the simultaneous use of delima feminin vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness and other medications. For this reason, a sufficient waiting period of at least 3 hours should be maintained prior to the use of medications inserted into the vagina.

Important Notice:
delima feminin vaginal suppositories are not contraceptives and provide no contraceptive  protection. delima feminin also does not protect against communicable diseases. The application of the vaginal suppositories serves only to temporarily relieve vaginal dryness.

At the time of printing there were no findings available from the material compatibility testing with condoms. For this reason, as a precautionary measure you should not use delima feminin if you are dependent on the protection of condoms. The material compatibility with other devices that are introduced into the vagina (love balls, vibrators, etc.) should be tested beforehand. The discharged product may cause grease stains.

Expiration Date:
The date of expiration is indicated on the blister pack and on the box. Please do not use delima feminin vaginal suppositories against vaginal dryness after this date!

Store the product in the box in a cool, dry place (5 – 20°C). Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Store out of the reach of children.

Package Contents:
10 vaginal suppositories


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