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What shouldn't change during the change of life? The woman in you.
What shouldn't change during the change of life? The woman in you.


Questions and Answers.

We have compiled some questions and answers here. If your question is not included below, please send it to us per e-mail at info@pekana.com.

Do delima capsules contain animal substances?
No. The capsules are composed of all-natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives.
Do delima capsules influence the natural progression of menopause?
No. Natural phytoestrogens do not interfere in the so-called feedback mechanism of the hormonal system. They only relieve the physical symptoms.
Should delima capsules initially be taken with the onset of the first symptoms of menopause?
That depends on the hormonal status (see above). If a hormone deficiency has been indicated, treatment with delima can begin immediately. Please ask your physician or naturopath.
How long should the delima capsules be taken? Through to the end of menopause or beyond this time?
They can be taken for as long as their effect is considered to be beneficial. This can very well be up to an advanced age.
Are there interactions with other medication administered for menopause?
There are no known interactive effects. Like most naturopathic compounds, delima capsules are very well-suited for combining. The administration of delima capsules does not  make sense during a conventional medical hormone therapy.


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